VenIP - a international brand of VenSYS Sp. o.o. company. That combines the experience and practice of the best specialists in Eastern Europe in the VoIP field.
VenSYS company operates on the Polish and Ukrainian telecommunications market since 2005 and during that time received the opinion dynamically increasing telephone service. The company was established as a system integrator and a primary telecommunication operator of the new generation, which provides for corporate and individual customers to provide advanced telephony services with a "single source": digital phone service, VoIP services and Internet access services.
For a long period of its activity VenSYS created his own circle of regular customers and partners. Not stopping on reached, the company develops through the introduction of new technologies, broadening the scope of services and information services, individual approach to each client.
Our mission is to provide high quality information and communication services based on the latest wired and wireless technologies to our customers. As well as providing additional services for effective management of your business.