Why choose us?

VenIP - Service Provider of the NEW GENERATION!

The company operates in the international market, providing services to international telecommunications and Internet calls via IP telephony technology.

Our main goal is provide our customers with low prices on international calls via the Internet to any country, from any country. Our clients include major business partners as well as individual users.

You can distinguish VenIP in qualities such as:

  • Easy - thanks to our instructions absolutely everyone can make calls over the Internet
  • Mobility - you'll always being connected, wherever you are
  • Innovative - we offer solutions in the field of international communications and IP telephony, going to meet your needs and desires
  • High-quality communication and cheap roaming
  • Best Prices

Did not find what you were looking for? Please contact our team and we will try to help you!

Our main services:

  • Cheap Calls
  • International fixed numbers
  • Multi-line telephones
  • Video calling
  • Virtual fax
  • Conference
  • Phone cards
  • SMS gateway
  • Corporate Services Phone
  • Installing and configuring Office VoIP PBX new generation
  • Sale of telephone equipment for IP-telephony and related products