Cheap roaming and savings for international companies

2013-08-12  |  Articles

In today's hectic lifestyle travelling abroad became quite ordinary and commonplace. It can be made as to their purpose, such as recreation, shopping trips, to visit relatives and for business purposes: a meeting with business colleagues, meetings, visits to business meetings and so on.

But in spite of this fact, communicating by phone roaming is still a very significant impact on your wallet. Mobile operators are offering the high cost of access abroad because calls to the two sides will increase your costs significantly, especially in the case when you are away for a long time.

But there is still a way to opt out of roaming, but always remain "in touch". VoIP telephony service will help you with this. Thanks to her conversations abroad will cost you a few times, and even dozens of times cheaper than conventional calls. In this case, all calls will be made from your regular mobile phone, which is nice.

What do you need? Save on roaming when traveling is easy enough. You just need to have the usual equipment for VoIP telephony at home or in the office. Also, you must have the softphone on your mobile phone and permanent access to the Internet wherever you are. A small drawback of this is the fact that for a conversation you need to have Internet, you will have internet - and will be cheap talk. On the other hand, it gives you the ability to decide when you will be in touch.

The principle of operation is very simple. Incoming calls, as usual, come to your home (office) equipment where and processed. Everything is as usual. But then, using equipment can transfer the call from the installation of equipment to where you are now on your softphone. Thus, to be paid only transmission of voice traffic over the Internet, and it is - a penny, compared to the cost of roaming.

So it turns out that you will be paying only Internet access at your destination. And all incoming calls - free, in contrast to the normal rates when roaming. Outgoing calls are made in the same way, only in reverse. You call on the number using your softphone on a laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other device, the call is forwarded via the Internet on fixed equipment and from the call comes to the called party.

However, this system helps VoIP telephony not only for calls abroad. Even within the country, it would be a great saving manner. After all, regardless of your location, all calls made through the fixed equipment, which is located in the so-called "home zone". Most such payment provides that means that cheap calls need to be in this area. Thanks to redirect VoIP calls you get free incoming calls, regardless of geography, and not only incoming.

You may be a few miles from home, in another city, in another country, on the other side of the world - to pay for the link you will be on such a price as if you're sitting at home on the couch. And this applies not only to individuals. Similarly, calls at the lowest prices available and the owners of their own firms, companies, corporations, and so on.

Separately, you can relate to the benefits that are available companies. Most large enterprise implies a presence of multiple branches and offices in other cities. And often they are in other countries. Of course, each branch will be the phone of the country, and it makes the communication between the branches or the connection with the main enterprise insanely expensive. In this case, save the opportunity VoIP telephony as the creation of virtual rooms.

Thanks to this service the phone, which is, for example, in Kiev, assign a number, as if he is in Warsaw. In that case, of Warsaw can make phone calls to Kiev, and to pay for such talk as if the conversation is in the same city. This can significantly reduce the cost of international calls. Options for assigning numbers can be quite a lot, but most importantly - thanks to VoIP connection you'll pay a lot less. This allows you to assign multiple numbers of different countries for international companies to their affiliates, which makes communication so cheap.