Why use SMS distribution?

2013-08-08  |  News

To date, virtually everyone can find a cell phone. Even in school they now have, but some people may have multiple phones. This means that all these people are practically around the clock "in touch". But this does not mean that the right person, you can easily reach and pass the necessary information. After all, he could be anywhere: at a meeting in the negotiations, was driving the car, just cannot talk.

In such a case it is very convenient use of such a service is a mobile phone as sending SMS messages. This message is the person to whom it is sent, no matter how non-binding. The subscriber can read it in any convenient burden, whether immediately after the adoption of SMS or a few hours. Sooner or later, he still reads it. This is the advantage of advertising messages over phone calls because the call at any time to reset or not to call the number.

But what if you need to notify of an event so not one, but ten people, and maybe even a hundred, a thousand, or even more than that? Spend hours on the telephone calls of all customers, or manually typing hundreds of SMS? No! To do this, there is a service like SMS sending. It's easy, quick and highly effective way to inform a large number of mobile subscribers using SMS messages sent to their personal cell phones.

This service allows to quickly implementing the massive sending of messages to your customers, partners, employees, and so on with the help of a simple program in management or WEB-interface. In addition, the sending of SMS is much cheaper than usual. SMS distribution - it is an effective and recognized marketing tool because it can be applied for tasks such as informing customers about the various ongoing promotions, discounts, events, special offers. It also allows subscribers to congratulate the holidays, significant events, notification of the latest news, upcoming events. With SMS sending you can inform customers about the readiness of the order, the state of the work performed.

So, what is the main advantages SMS distribution? Let's take a look at them.

First of all, it is a low cost of your advertising. This option can be a profitable way to start small businesses. Suffice it to send messages to phones on your city - and you already have a name, many will know about you. There is still a way to hand out leaflets, but sending SMS is cheaper and better quality then printing material.

You can send messages to an unlimited number of phones! You have no framework for sending SMS, except as allocated funds for this. By base numbers that will be sent information can also be split into separate databases, such as colleagues, customers, clients are invited to the event, heads of departments and so on. This simplifies the choice of audience to whom you want to send certain information.

Everything is done instantly. This means the following: ordered - paid - get the result. If there is no result, then it is a different question. But the scrolling speed is very high and the low price for it. Future clients necessary are communicating because you need to have the skill to selling text. And since we are talking about the SMS, the brevity and also needed. Several times using SMS sending you can get a good range of clients.

Such as sending you can always inform your customers about promotions, news, all kinds of bonuses, congratulations to the holidays, events, invite customers to participate in promotions. Thus, with SMS messages, you will be able to benefit yourself or to advertise your services. In this case, you will not be intrusive, because the SMS message - this is a very handy thing. SMS in any case will be read, and the clients necessarily know about you. Besides the cost please you.

Today SMS distribution - it is one of the most effective ways to attract customers, they give you the opportunity to communicate directly with your target audience, which itself wants to receive a variety of messages your company. Such subscribers can receive SMS from all over the world, which is an advantage for the service, since you do not have any framework for delivery. SMS distribution service - cheap, convenient, effective!