Welcome to FrontEnd of VenIP server.

NBS (VENSYS Sp. z o.o.) is The VoIP provider for small and medium businesses.
We provide prepaid VoIP termination at top quality and rates, thanks to interconnections with Poland, Ukraine, Russia.

What we offer:

  • A-Z IAX and SIP termination to both the wholesale market and End Users, callshops, PBX users etc.
  • Accounts & payments in EUR, Payment by Bank transfer, Webmoney, Creditcard, Paypal, DotPay.
  • And its really simple: Create an account, make a prepayment, configure your device and start buying without any obligations! Or just give us order for demo-version with credit status for test system for free (within reasonable limits)

    After Log in You can:

    1. Check your balance.
    2. Increase it.
    3. See calls statistics.
    4. Check rates.
    5. Update user details.
    6. Ask our support for help (internal call 911#)